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Dalu's Limited Edition Collections are a testament to refinement and individuality. Each piece is a work of art, carefully crafted to add a touch of luxury to your lifestyle. Shop now for a truly exclusive experience.

Painting Pottery

"We're not just another brand: we're a vibrant collective of creators, a living canvas of artistic collaboration that paints stories that resonate"



At the heart of Dalu's mission lies a dedication to nurturing and honouring Qatar's local and regional artists and artisans, achieved through captivating collaborations and collections, each telling its own unique story.

We’re passionate about nurturing and promoting the craftsmanship of local artists and artisans through dynamic collaborations and collections, uniquely narrating each artist’s story. By fostering collaboration with local artists and artisans, we empower our creative community to flourish.


We’re a haven for artists and artisans, where every brushstroke, every careful stitch and each spark of imagination spins a narrative that's deeply rooted yet vibrantly modern. This narrative creates products that stand as tributes to both local heritage and global inspiration, bridging the creative essence with our wider community.


We’re dedicated to cultivating and honouring the artistic spirit of Qatar and our region, creating a legacy that embraces local artistry and resonates beyond geographical confines.


We're more than a brand – we're a thriving ecosystem where innovation and togetherness flourish. We provide a space where talents thrive, new ideas incubate, and a vibrant community emerges, transcending the boundaries of creativity.


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